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Accomodating resistance

Some quick take home lessons on Accommodating Resistance include: 1) Never use chains and the principle of Accommodating Resistance unless you have been weight training for at least 12 months, and in most cases 18 months would be better.

Now, let’s get into the methods of accommodating resistance Peak Contraction Maximal effort is at the weakest point of the strength curve (e.g., when using the pec deck and leg press).5) And finally, if you are one of the poor sods stuck at a commercial gym that will not allow you to use chains and bands and therefore have no clue as to the real benefits of utilising accommodating resistance in your training, then please heed my heartfelt advice and go join a real gym! We have our personal training gym in London that is choc full of chains and bands, and there are plenty of other venues to try. If you are struggling to find one just post a comment below and I will tell you the nearest one that I know to you.Each mechanism has its benefits and negative aspects. Weight Stack or Leverage Machines isolate/recruit prime movers while the athlete follows the restricted range of motion designed into the machine.Typically force is generated in only one plane of motion, with minimal recruitment in other planes.

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We’ve learned that matching an exercise’s load to its force curve offers unique benefits to getting bigger and stronger.

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