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I am looking for an RSS feed..additionally I am looking for an automatic one which gets updated with having to copy and paste.The are "scrapers" that will scrape the contents of an HTML webpage and attempt to create a feed. If you have a lot of RSS feeds you follow, you may not want them all updating automatically.You can set up the RSS feeds so none of them update automatically, or only certain ones will.They were definitely not happy by my response so I continued to look.I finally devised my own solution because; these brilliant companies who always listen to the customer didn’t read my mind and create a solution like this.So the content is created in Feed For All, and the website dynamically updates as the feed is updated.

That’s when the hunt began for a page to RSS converter. The answer really is: "how can an http request get only the newest results from a server" and the answer is Conditional GET source. This is an article about using this feature of http to specifically support rss hackers. That article let me to the RSS terminology that I was looking for: "Conditional GET". The feed is served through regular HTTP and consists of a simple XML file.And that term lead me to find what I was looking for in the Python docs for feedparser. Push or pull, in both cases you still need to write some piece of code to update the RSS list on your site, database or wherever you store/display it.I would be using multiple RSS feed sites and then process the feed accordingly.I do this on my own site but I only require news to have happened in the last 7 days (that is why some buttons maybe greyed out) - nothing to process.

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But I haven't yet tested it comprehensively so I'm not sure if the RSS validates well across different parsers. The code is on Git Hub at If you select a highly active feed ( then the updates should be very frequent.

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