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The agility to keep pace with rapidly evolving business demands begins with data center consolidation.Traditional approaches to data center management have become complex, expensive, and unsustainable for real growth.Since then, a slew of these software companies—including Box (box), Salesforce, Net Suite, Tableau (data), Workday, and SAP (sap)—have all announced plans to use a public cloud (like AWS) as a deployment option for their own software.A public cloud—referred to within the industry as Infrastructure-as-a-Service (Iaa S)—consists of massive quantities of servers, storage, and networking owned-and-operated by one company, and then rented out to others.Box and Workday, for example, are turning to AWS and IBM (ibm) Soft Layer to run specific types of software.

On the employee level, businesses see increases in productivity and decreased stress when they support working remotely.There are no other platforms that can do this in one integrated system, with one user interface, that offers a significantly lower price point than any legacy data center infrastructure.Those responsible for optimizing the performance of a federal data center typically consolidate data from system that monitor building management, electrical power and data center infrastructure across the network.The move to virtualized equipment does have significant upfront costs requirements, but it will pay dividends in monthly cost savings.In addition to employee mobility, businesses see much lower operational costs from energy use and old hardware after migrating.

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But unless these announcements are 100% marketing hype, they indicate that much more software power will be concentrated in fewer, albeit bigger, data centers owned and operated by just a handful of cloud computing giants.

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