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If he does take you along to meet his friends - but introduces you by your first name without attempting to explain your relationship - likely he only views you as a friend or casual acquaintance. Is he making excuses why he won't invite you over to see where he lives? If he seems to always be busy, or if you have to make plans several days in advance to meet for something as simple as dinner or drinks, something is amiss.

Chances are he's not all that interested in bringing you into his world. If you find he calls you late at night to get together more often than not, chances are he doesn't see you as a girlfriend, but a convenience. When men are interested, they cancel their other plans and go out of their way to see the object of their affection.

If you only seem to go out on Tuesday or Wednesday nights, or he calls at the last minute and expects you to drop everything to meet him, he doesn't think of you as girlfriend material. If he's keeping you separated from his day-to-day existence (interaction with good friends and family), he's likely not interested in a relationship.

Men are usually eager to introduce a new girlfriend around.

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Since people are going to base their first impressions on your profile, it's important that it's well written. Make sure it's recent and feature one that is a head shot and another that is full body.

Update photos as much as possible and feature photos of you taking part in a hobby or doing something you enjoy, that way it is not only a good photo, but also a conversation starter.

As for your description, you should first say who you are and what you do.

I have been registered on an online dating website for a little while now, and dont seem to be gettin anywhere.

Any help and advice is welcome, and a link to my profile is

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Secondly describe your personal quirks and pet peeves, make yourself stand out from the crowd.

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