Cream the rabbit dating sim

Aries likes a challenge, so you could tease him a bit when he starts getting bossy, keeping what he wants out of reach until the end of the pursuit.If trying to win an argument, the smart partner of an Aries man will subtly convince him that her ideas are really his ideas.Please feel free to PM me, if you want to chat about stories or anything at all really!:) xx Name on fanfiction: Hazel The Rabbit but you can just call me Hazel.Alexander Edison Prinston Stairs (better known online as Spax3, Spaction3 or The Hoodie1, or Hoodie Drunkito), born July 31st, 1984, is a typical video game reviewer, Deviant ART user, brony and website host (by "typical" we mean "batshit insane").Infamously known for his absolutely terrible game reviews and his reactions to any criticism i.e.Junkies and people who think their better than you. Fav food: steak pie, chinese food, dominos pizza, salads, chicken, lots of crips, sweets and chocolate.Fav video games: The Legend Of Zelda (mostly all of them), Sonic the hedgehog (mostly all of them) Pokemon games (defo all of them, loved playing everyone single one of them!

Most of all, keep him guessing because he loves the thrill of the chase. Cook him a spicy dinner, perhaps something Tex Mex--or--just tease him by putting a jalapeno pepper in your mouth and dare him to bite it gently (a la 9 1/2 Weeks).

The next in the You Know Who Should Be In Smash Brothers series is: New Challenger Approaching! SPECIAL MOVES----------------------------------------Neutral Special – PINK TYPHOON - Amy will take out her Piko Piko Hammer and hold it to her body and perform a spin on the tips of her toes and as she completes the spin, swing the Piko Piko Hammer creating a Pink Typhoon that swirls forward made up of pink winds and pink hearts that deal racking DMG and push foes away.

foes can also be struck by the Piko Piko Hammer when Amy swings it dealing DMG and bigger knock back than the Pink Typhoon.

if Amy connects with a foe she will leap onto their heads and hop off of them dealing DMG and a meteor effect to foes.

Vaulting Hammer will propel Amy forward in an arc DMG: 8% (Head Stomp)Down Special – MAIDEN'S GIFT - Amy will drop a Gift- and by "gift" I mean a bunch of explosives wrapped up quite nicely.

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Aries, the lover of risk and adventure, is apt to enjoy activities with you that could include hang gliding, bungee jumping or car racing. Use this to turn his mind away from everyday business matters and focus on you.

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