Dating a woman who was sexually abused as a child myspace as a dating site

Dating a woman who was sexually abused as a child

He would beat my W so bad that she would have belt marks all over her back and legs. My W mom married the guy and he was good to my W mom. W mom worked 2nd shift and step dad would sexually abuse my wife. I started noticing odd things when we first started dating.My wife would ask me to come over at 3pm to go on a dates, we would set at w moms house till night then go on dates. We would go watch movie or go out to eat and I would have to set at her house till her mom got off work.Donna Mertrud fell for Ray Skettini when she was only 17.A year older and the class clown at their Pequannock, New Jersey, high school, he had a chip on his shoulder, some people said. Three years later, when she agreed to marry him, Ray asked his family priest, Father James Hanley, to officiate. Among the "red flags" that kept popping up, she says, were Ray's irritability and his tendency to pace.And then there was his subtle but growing detachment from her."When we got married, we really explored each other. "Getting to know each other, forming as a married couple and as a family, we bonded closer.Some have adverse effects for a long period of time, while others recover rather quickly. Some who have suffered from trauma are energized initially by the event to help them with the challenge of coping, only to later become discouraged or depressed.Additional information about the effects of sexual abuse is available on the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) Web site. Does what happened constitute sexual abuse/assault? RAINN has a Web page to outline different types of sexual violence.

Some people respond immediately, while others have delayed reactions—sometimes months or even years later.But as weird as this sounds, the more we did that, the more he pulled away, emotionally and physically." Slowly their sex life dwindled.Sometimes she had merely to touch his shoulder when he'd freeze and draw back. Mostly, though, she just felt rejected, and this broke her heart."I knew he loved me.I did not know what to do I just set there and in her room in total disbelief. I found them every where, I found one under the seat of my car. He left her mom within a month of me confronting him. I ask her how did she let this go on with out telling her mom. My wife could not change his diaper she would not be alone with him. I have been in IC she has been in IC, we went to church for MC and now going to MC.She started to cry, I knew then something was not right. Her step dad had some how convinced her it was her fault. I tried to make her understand she was 5 years old even if she did not tell him no the sick bastard new it was wrong. She went in to a deep depression would not talk to me or anybody. Our MC says normally he is very hard on the one that does the cheating but her case is not the same.

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