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The Vitals: - Located on Maryland's eastern shore - 130 year old house - Two full 10' stories and full 10' attic, belly crawlspace - Footprint is 66', 28', 45', 40' (About 6000 sqft including attic) - Either balloon framed, or timber framed or both (depends on who you ask) - Rotten wood clapboard siding, nailed right to studs - Rotten/termite damaged sills and studs The Plan and Problem: We're looking to replace a 12' section of rotten sill plate and then re-stud an exterior load bearing wall.A crewmember's consciousness must be carefully disconnected from a construct area from the operator console and using a proper hard line within the construct world, or instant death will result.Only humans that originated from the Matrix can access the Matrix, which leaves Zion-born (naturally born) humans, who have no headjacks, to serve on hovercraft as operators or other support crew.A copyright protects original works such as: literary works, musical works, dramatic works, pantomimes & choreographed works, pictorial, graphic, and sculptural works, motion pictures and other audiovisual works, sound recordings, architectural works, compilations (databases for example), written words on a website, and software programs on a website.The copyright holder has exclusive rights such as reproduction, derivative works (being allowed to alter it), distribution, performance, display, audio & video transmission.

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There is a horizontal beam that runs across the top of these studs and rests on the corner beam.

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