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Frank Ancona, the Ku Klux Klan imperial wizard whose body was found near the Big River in Missouri last month, reportedly confided in friends and family before his death that his wife—Malissa Ancona—was "addicted to prescription pills." Frank and Malissa, according to a lengthy new report from the Doyle Murphy, were also "literally living in shit." As previously reported, Malissa and her stepson have both been charged in the murder of the Frank's Traditionalist American Knights founder.

Murphy's piece, published Wednesday, opens with the following sentence: said, was part of her effort to turn the residence into a "giant kennel" full of "dozens" of cats and two dogs.

A vulnerability in Facebook's web chatrooms and its Messenger app would have let miscreants surreptitiously tamper with messages after they had been sent.

The flaw was discovered by eggheads at security biz Check Point, who reported it to the social network giant.

We're told attackers would have needed only a basic knowledge of HTML to take advantage of the bug to modify or delete any message, photo, file or link.

The attacker would have to be part of a conversation before he or she could manipulate it.

It’s not a compound anyone appears to be working on either, and with good reason: who’d want it?

Experts from the Israeli security firm discovered that, to tamper with a discussion, a hacker simply needed to identify the unique ID for the sent messages that he or she wanted edit. Once a message ID was pulled up, a miscreant would be able to alter the contents of the message and submit it to the Facebook servers without others in the chat being alerted.Wine tasting is famous for some rather odd terminology. Botrytis You may not know what botrytis is, but it sure doesn't sound nice, does it? If that seems odd, remember that there are many soft ripe cheeses that smell like the north end of a southbound Angus bull, and yet many people love them.The belief in such a chemical spans many countries, as does the juvenile certainty particular pools are spiked with it.Experts on such matters say although a reliable urine-detecting dye could be produced, the trick would be getting it to react to urine and to not trigger in the presence of similar organic compounds likely present in swimming pools.

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At its peak, a neighbor estimated that as many as 70 cats resided in the Ancona home.

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