Pregnant dating the baby isnt mine Chatforfree america adult

Pregnant dating the baby isnt mine

she asked me to be patient with me and accept to stay with her for our future. I pray and hope God will tell me what to do and what's best for my future.I know she's in my heart because we've been together for 4 1/2 yrs. Please answer this before I can thinking about it and make a right decision. then you should really think about it..if that was how you met her then thats something else.. there are some people that would forgive and forget..raise the child.sure that if you do stay..cannot be throwing it in her face every time an arguement breaks out...She hates the guy, but she will not kill one of gods creatures she will have the baby no matter what, she hopes its a girl we find out soon, she wants a girl because she doesn't want the father to be in her life, and if its a boy shes scared that he might wanna see his kid, when she hates him!Anyway, I guess im taking it with a grain of salt, its not my baby but im going to sure as hell love it like it was!I took the liberty of researching her absurd question and was shocked to find that many people have asked the same question on forums such as yahoo answers! I know part of the problem is that we took sex education out of schools, so now we have a whole generation of children being raised not knowing the basics of human reproduction, human sexuality and anatomy and they will soon be raising and educating kids of their own! They’re not even concerned with real things that can “change” a baby’s DNA such as the mother’s diet and toxins such as smoking cigarette’s while pregnant.

And yes, of course, you’re going to have a whole feelings clafouti, too—your life, relationships, finances, are all at stake as well. Call your brother, best friend, anyone besides the bun-in-the-oven party, and vent to him. ") For now, put your hand somewhere comforting—hold her hand, her shoulder; no, not her boob, sorry. Don’t rehash the night of conception like a carnal Encyclopedia Brown. This might be the hardest situation of them all—you guys know each other, not just in the biblical sense. (Your left eyebrow starts to twitch.) And that’s exactly why it’s so important to communicate.My boyfriend went through something just like this his ex a few yrs back which my blog is about. if it's his then she will get through because she will take him to court not let him to see his baby anymore and he have to pay child support.Well she cheated on him and then got pregnant he didnt know if the kid was his so he did a dna test and found out it wasnt his he stuck my her side for a while but the the feeling for her just started fading like the love was no longer there so he broke it off. I understand she will have a lot of work in her life when her baby will born.I was so appalled that I could’t even debate with her because apparently she knew more than I did.It just made me more concerned about our youth and our future!

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Anyway since it was 50/50 we decided that she should move in with me. So then last night she told me that she wanted move out. They had their last sexual encounter sometime the second week of March.

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