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The decision to marry or not when there are very great differences in religion should not be made easily or lightly.The consequences for yourself and the girl you love can have reverberations that can impact the happiness of each of you.Why does this one mitzvah count more than the others?For the sake of full disclosure, I’ll admit right now that I have a visceral reaction to intermarriage. Although she did not raise us with too much observance, marrying Jewish was something she drilled into my sisters’ and my heads.When you and your groom are the same religion, figuring out who will marry you is easy--or at least easier than when you two have different religious backgrounds.Lucky for those of you in interfaith relationships, I've been there, done that, so here are the bummers and benefits to every officiant option.As a result, many have turned to internet websites as a way to find someone to date and marry. This makes the formation of lasting relationships much more difficult.Third, even in the work place, there is great mobility.

If people who come from backgrounds with shared values cannot save their marriages is there any hope for those who come from different backgrounds?For many others, online dating is a study in frustration and disillusionment. There are websites that proclaim that they have “scientific methods” of matching people.Studies have shown that the methods used by these websites do not yield the hoped for results.) Hiring two officiants will always be more expensive than hiring one.And unless there's a fabulous organization like the New Jersey-based Interfaith Clergy in your area, it can be tricky to find two officiants of different faiths who have experience working together on ceremonies.

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And they’ll raise the kids with “both,” which means double the presents during the holiday season and that means that even the will be happy!

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