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I investigate the transcultural meanings of beaded regalia and photographs at the 1904 Sitka potlatch; I examine beaded souvenirs made for late Victorian era tourists; I analyze the mid-twentieth century history of the Alaska Native Arts and Crafts Cooperative (ANAC) and the experiences of the nearly 500 Tlingit women who sold beadwork through ANAC; and, I illustrate the multiple roles played by beadwork in terms of Alaskan politics, museum display, and issues of identity at Celebration, an increasingly important gathering of indigenous people. Beadwork is ubiquitous in the photographs and within the context of the "last potlatch", and I argue that settlers and others may have understood beadwork's prominence in these images as a clear signal of the degeneration and disappearance of Tlingit people and their cultural practices through assimilation.

Joseph Lighthouse, South Manitou Island Lighthouse, Miscellaneous Lighthouses, Treasury Circulars, and Pottawattamie Lighthouse; Light Boat Reports and Scrapbooks.

In this ordinance privileges of the use of various streets, lanes, and alleys, for laying pipes to conduct gas, was granted to the Potter Gas Company. There are probably a lot of "old timers" in Elkland who remember how wonderful it was when the first street lights were turned on to lighten up the dark street corners. The Tubbs homestead, the red brick landmark on Route 49, just east of Osceola, for the first time in its 32-year history is no longer Tubbs property. Under the hammer, the brick house and a small frame building at the rear went for ,000. Brick for the building, for the construction of the present Moren block in Elkland and for several other brick buildings in this area came from clay on the Tubbs farm just north of the home.

Shortly after this date the gas lines were laid and gas was furnished all those that wanted it for lights, cooking, heating, etc. A lot of people used gas for lights in their houses and it proved out far superior to the old kerosene lamp. Reid took charge of the Gas Company business in Elkland and during that same year, probably during the latter part, R. Hammond, better known as "Rube" Hammond, took over the company affairs. Fessler in charge and for many years the gas bills were paid at Mr. Shortly after the gas was first introduced into Elkland the main line was extended down the Cowanesque Valley to Nelson, then to Lawrenceville, and branched out there into Elmira and various towns up the Tioga River Valley. Fessler, the Potter Gas Company sold its holdings to the North Penn Gas Company with whom all are familiar. Lynn Merrill was placed in charge of the Gas Company business for a short time and during this same year the office was moved to its present location on Main Street and Mrs. It was sold at auction on Saturday to John Smith Pease of Wayne, N. The house was the first brick building to be erected in Tioga County, being built for Robert Tubbs and his father, Col. The "brick pond" under the hill at Osceola still marks the scene of the pioneer ceramic industry.

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Drawing on the work of Ruth Phillips, Nicholas Thomas and James Clifford, I argue that beadwork should be considered both as the material embodiment of the complicated and uneven relationships among and between Tlingit communities and others, and also as a means for disrupting and altering the contexts within which it operates. Circa 1970s tunic displaying naturalistic eagle crest, and four petaled-flowers, made by Sara Williams, (cat. Chapters three and four, which are set in the late Victorian era (circa 1880-1920) provide complementary discussions of beadwork circa 1900.

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