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This bird is mainly a permanent resident, but northern birds may move south during harsh weather. This species was first described by Linnaeus in his Systema Naturæ in 1758 as Turdus polyglottos.

The northern mockingbird is known for its mimicking ability, as reflected by the meaning of its scientific name, 'many-tongued mimic.' The northern mockingbird has gray to brown upper feathers and a paler belly. It is often found in open areas and forest edges but forages in grassy land.

The northern mockingbird is known for its intelligence.

A 2009 study showed that the bird was able to recognize individual humans, particularly noting those who had previously been intruders or threats.

Women can be made to feel like that makes them seem too demanding, but it's better than wasting time on someone who isn't planning any future with you.

I remember a woman once starting the 'Where is this going chat with me by saying: "What are your intentions?

If you are a first time visitor, to make your first time experience as enjoyable as possible we ask that you adhere to these simple commonsense rules. Chat room safety is YOUR responsibility, not ours, so we strongly urge that you also read our Chat Room Safety Guide as soon as possible.

Just because you're discussing the relationship, it doesn't have to be a giant heart to heart.The survey of 2,000 people aged 16 to 50 found 26% never discuss contraception and almost one in three (31%) never talk about sexual health - such as sexually-transmitted infections - with their partner.More than a quarter (27%) admit to being too embarrassed to ask the questions they would really like to while 25% wish they could talk more openly about sex and relationships.There's no one way to have what is thought of by most of us as 'The Conversation of Doom', but according to dating expert Matthew Hussey, there are some simple dos and don'ts.Be upfront and straight about what you're looking for, and never be ashamed if you want something more serious than someone's willing to give.

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It was the last in the current series of All Round to Mrs Brown's on RTÉ One on Saturday (April 29) and Michael Ball, who has starred in some of the biggest musicals in the world, including Phantom of the Opera, Les Misérables and Hairspray, dropped by for a cuppa and an enlightening chat.

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