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There is an important caveat to this rule: you must be able to show how much of your Roth account is made up of your contributions and how much is earnings if you want to make a contribution-only withdrawal that is tax and penalty-free.

Even if you don’t expect to use your Roth IRA funds before retirement, be sure to keep documentation of your contributions.

This means that a person who has been contributing ,000 per year for the past five years can withdraw ,000 tax-free, provided the proceeds are used for qualified educational expenses.However, in order to fully avoid taxes and penalties, there are some rules to keep in mind with respects to Roth IRA distributions.The primary difference between Roth IRA and other retirement products is that contributions are taxed in the year they are earned.First, under IRC Section 408A(d)(2)(A), the distribution must be made either: on/after the date the IRA owner turns 59 1/2; after death of the IRA owner (i.e., to the estate or a beneficiary); after becoming totally disabled (under the Social Security definition of “total disability”); or for qualified first-time homebuyer expenses (up to a ,000 limit and subject to other limitations).The second requirement, meeting one of the preceding tests, is that the distribution must meet the Roth contribution 5-year rule (also known as the “nonexclusion period” under IRC Section 408A(d)(2)(B)).

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If a Roth IRA is included in an estate valued under the taxable inheritance minimum, which as of Tax Year 2010 was $3.5 million, no estate tax needs to be paid.

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