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* The author is the most experienced person to have ever written an Internet dating book.

Most other authors have little real practical experience.

All you need to do is sign up for my course, and you’ll get instant access to all my best techniques for meeting girls off of Facebook. No waiting around for anything to arrive in the mail. And you can get access to these techniques for the super-low price of just .

PLEASE NOTE: This is just an introductory price since the course is so new. If you’re not happy with the results, you can get a FULL REFUND within the first 60 days after your purchase.

After all, to Facebook, they want people who are friends to connect, not desperate guys looking to hook up.

So they took away various features that helped men search for single women interested in romance in their area. And what if you don’t want to date people who know your friends? I met my last two girlfriends off Facebook, and I did so using methods that had nothing to do with networking through “friends of friends.” The fact is there are a LOT of ways to meet single, attractive, fun, and eager women on Facebook who would jump at the chance to date you. The Facebook Method is a system of meeting women on Facebook that I’ve developed over much trial and error. I’ve known girls who spend 3-4 hours a day on there, playing games, chatting with friends, uploading pictures, and all types of other things.

, like, “a guy told me he was looking for a girlfriend by next year so he’d have someone to split rent with.” Then there was the charmer who told his date about the time he “got wasted, peed and mopped it up with his clothes, and then wore them.” Um, yeah.

This is the "bible" of Internet dating, the book that sets the standard. If you want romance stories, go buy a Mills & Boon.

Why should you choose The Art of Internet Dating, the definitive practical guide?

Here are just a few good reasons: * It's the definitive guide. There are no silly stories or anecdotes that won't help you one bit, just page after page of practical hints and tips.

By the time your date comes around, she’ll already have lost interest or have found someone more attentive.

If you really are going away, wait until you get back to ask her out.

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A good rule of thumb: if you aren’t available for a date within 7 days of sending the message, don’t send it.

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