Tips on dating a policeman

Tips on dating a policeman

So, after knowing each other for about 2 months we decided to embark on a journey that both of us were reluctant to do in the first place – the dreaded “boyfriend,” “girlfriend” title.

It’s not that we didn’t like each other, or think that we didn’t click (because we do click, really well, actually). If you are ever in the situation where you are in need of help from the police, no more waiting 15-20 minutes for someone to get there.

And what about those Police Husbands who’s wives are the thin blue line?

Dating a police officer is not as straightforward as you may think.

If you’re looking for a long-term, fulfilling relationship, you probably don’t want to date someone who only wants you because you wear a uniform, carry a nightstick, and rough up perps.

How do you tell if the woman you’re pursuing or dating is a badge bunny?

If the only law enforcement officers she knows are her third cousin and this one dude she went to high school with, chances are, she’s not a badge bunny.” “I’m too young for a serious relationship” “I don’t even have the time to deal with that right now” “I want to travel, I want to do so many things before I settle down” went straight out the window (my boss never lets me forget it, either). It’s weird, ya know, it’s one of those “this is too good to be true” type of things, but it makes you happy so you put up with it. In other words, she goes out of her way to intimately date police officers.To a badge bunny, every police officer is a sexy, buff policeman wearing tight trousers.

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Police officers, because of the nature of their business, are creatures of habit, and their routines are sometimes quite obvious.

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    When you invest time, money, energy, and even physical contact into a person you tend to value their relationship more than another.

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    For most single women, dating is harder than it should be.

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    “This will simply be another disappointment.” I felt like I’d been in contact with every reject out there: the guy with the cripple fetish, the guy with the wife, the guy that would communicate endlessly on email and phone but never showed up for in-person meetings and, of course, the one that knew I was in a chair and had seen many pictures of me but walked right past me at a very small Starbucks! So I sent him a message saying, “You can’t miss me—I’m the one in the wheelchair.” I wasn’t sure what to expect in response.

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