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Updating electrical wiring cost

Furthermore, if the fuse box and the electrical wires are in good condition but you have only one or two sockets per room, it may also be a good idea to have an electrician install some additional sockets to avoid overloading the existing ones.

Whether you simply need extra sockets in your home, old wires and fittings in the workplace to be repaired or replaced, or more extensive re-wiring of large items of machinery, the type of electrical installation you will require will depend on a number of factors, including: You should therefore take the time to think carefully about each of these concerns before calculating a clear budget and figure out: an estimate for the number of wires and cables that might be required; whether or not you are seeking a complete or partial refit on the property; the average temperature and humidity of the local environment where the wires will be fitted and if Government requirements or Local Authority rules will restrict or hinder any of the work or installation you need.

In older houses, work may be more costly and time-consuming.

Many electricians will have a minimum charge (often the rate for one hour) for small jobs like this.

Do you live in a home or commercial building that was built in the 1900’s to the early 1950’s?

If so, then your building is almost sure to have what is called “knob and tube” wiring or an ungrounded system. Here are the top 5 dangers of knob and tube wiring.

This can lead to overloading sockets with extension leads, which can damage sensitive electrical devices and could lead to a house fire.

Is it something we should fear ourselves if our homes already have this type of wiring?

Older houses often have what is called ‘knob and tube’ wiring.

This wiring is considered dangerous by most insurance companies today, making it hard to insure homes and buildings that incorporate it.

Knob and tube wiring was considered “state-of-the-art” back then, but now it is very dangerous, is in violation of current legal electrical codes and is not insured by most insurance companies. 1) Knob and tube wiring is two-stranded – with a hot wire and a neutral wire only – it uses no ground wire.

There is absolutely no protection whatsoever when a fault occurs.

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Many NYC buildings constructed through the early part of the twentieth century were multi-layered with older wiring systems, and some have ungrounded systems that lack safety grounding conductors.

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