Vb net progress bar not updating

Vb net progress bar not updating

Public Async Sub Prog_Value Changed(sender As Object, e As Routed Property Changed Event Args(Of Double)) Dim progress = New Progress(Of Integer)(Function(percent) Prog. The most simple thing (which should work, but I'm a Win Forms guy so I'm not 100% sure) you could do is something like this: Yeah I realized it after I started reading that Background worker is pretty much deprecated and shouldn't be used in new code because Tasks were made to encapsulate all of their functionality and a lot more, while being much simpler to boot...

I had to use Begin Invoke because its asynchronous while Invoke is Synchronous and locked up everything...

Report Progress(e.percent Progress) Loop() obj Reader. Close() obj Reader = Nothing End Sub Private Sub Background Worker1_Progress Changed(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As Progress Changed Event Args) Handles Background Worker1. Run Worker Completed Close() End Sub So the function works, when this window is opened it starts to read the log file and updates a textbox with all of the rows currently read, but I also want it to update a progress bar in my main thread called crunching Progress. Private Sub Background Worker1_Progress Changed(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As Progress Changed Event Args) Handles Background Worker1. Progress Percentage End Sub) End Sub will be called in the context of the UI Thread and you can set the progressbar value Of course, when you call Report Progress to raise the Progress Changed event, you need to pass the percentage of work done so far.

Progress Percentage End Sub Private Sub Background Worker1_Run Worker Completed(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As Run Worker Completed Event Args) Handles Background Worker1.

Consider the code below for a simple form with a progress bar, a button, and BGW is a Background Worker with Modifiers = Public.

This works but if I change bln Run In Module to true it doesnt update. Crossing threads, I suspect, although I'm a little surprised you're not raising an exception.

Clearly in this case you're blocking the paint events for the progress bar in so doing. What happens in the Background Worker stays in the Background Worker!Public Class Main Public Sub TEST(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As Do Work Event Args) Handles TEST. CLASS2(VALUES) End Sub End Class Namespace NAMESPACE1 Public Class CLASS2 Public Sub New(VALUES) Main. I think it's an update or refresh problem of the main form. ' in a button click or whatever starts the worker: bgw = New Background Worker bgw. Do Work ' NOTE ' This code executes on a different thread ' so do not reference UI controls! Argument is the value passed - amount of work Dim max As Integer = CInt(e. It does the copy and displays a standard progress window along.An alternative way to do it yourself without using threads is to make your own copy function using a buffer.

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Below is the code for my interface logic: is appropriate for cases where you're unsure if the cast will succeed (but would like to take certain action if it does.) I actually agree in this case, though, since the cast will always [email protected]: Oh, I'm sure I'm mismatching or forgetting the right number of brackets.

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