When did kim and ray j start dating

When did kim and ray j start dating

"She was really into you, really in love with you," Francis, 47, said of the Selfish author."Nah, but she was a player though," the former For the Love of Ray J star insisted."She was not a player, she was crying her eyes out for you," said Francis, who appeared on the first season of The X Factor in the U.S."You don't really know what happened though," Ray J said. We were both cheaters.""I don't believe that about her," Francis retorted. I think she really loved you very much."Kardashian, now 36, met Ray J when she was working as a stylist for Brandy.The "past" Ray J was presumably referring to is the homemade sex tape he and Kardashian made in 2003, which surfaced online in 2007.The video became widely circulated and many believe it was responsible for catapulting Kardashian to stardom. His Twitter bio reads: "I DONT HANG WITH STARS, I CREATE THEM!You finish a shift at the store and lock up to go home but as you’re leaving the store, you just happen to run into KIM KARDASHIAN!She’s in a bind because she’s on her way to a big fancy photo shoot but she ripped her dress and so she asks you to reopen the store just for her because OBVIOUSLY she’s Kim Kardashian, you peasant!Ray J still has some unsettled feelings about Kanye West’s “Famous” video, and they were apparently strong enough that he let it all out on his own diss track… Singer Ray J dropped the track, which features Chris Brown on Monday via Apple Music where he sings about how the Kardashian family is famous because of his relationship–and leaked sex tape–with Kim Kardashian.“She f—–d me for fame, look in her eyes/ She was the first one to sign on the line/ She was the real one to plan it all out/ Look at the family, they walk around proud/ All because she had my d–k in her mouth,” Ray J sings.

Reggie Bush tied the knot in grand style -- though still short of Versailles -- at the Grand Del Mar in San Diego ...

Also Read: Kanye West Paramedic Radio Dispatch Calls for ' Psychiatric Emergency' (Audio) The “Love and Hip Hop” star goes on to sing that he’s married and happy now.

Back in June, West premiered his “Famous” video at an exclusive Tidal event.

Ray J, on the other hand, is a working rapper, but hasn’t seen his popularity explode since the tape’s leak–and what may or may not be resentment is possibly clear in the leaked audio.

Here’s what Ray had to say about Kim Kardashian’s vagina, courtesy of a doctor’s visit: “Remember, I told you I went to the doctor,” says Ray, “and I asked the doctor, ‘Is it me?

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Audio of Ray J sharing his frank, unfiltered thoughts on Kim Kardashian’s vagina has recently resurfaced, and, though Ray attempted to distance himself from the audio’s insults, observers claim that J is simply sore because he didn’t get famous following the sex tape’s release. '” Ray goes on to explain that the doctor’s advice was to tell Kim Kardashian about the odor-based problem–something that Ray wrestled with, before ultimately giving in, sharing the information, and, in his mind, helping Kim get clean.

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