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But things get immediately more disturbing when Mitch and Blaire begin to receive harassing messages from Laura’s Facebook account (or whoever the hacker is)–so Blaire “unfriends” her account.

This hacker begins to type messages via the others’ accounts and uses their accounts (like Facebook) to post incriminating photos of each other, all the while insisting that it is, in fact, the deceased Laura.

De Fellita expertly humanizes his characters so that the demonic attacks seem all the more real and personal.

The Harvard lecture scene made me cringe - it's not to be missed.

Contrary to all expectations, I found myself introduced to characters that feel like “real people” doing “normal things” and reacting credibly to incredible circumstances–I liked them a lot.

Yes, that’s right: a member of Congress posted a personal ad seeking transsexuals and crossdressers and even included a picture of himself, all without thinking twice, apparently.

A fool too late bewares when all the peril is past.

– Queen Elizabeth I It seems that politicians just can’t help making asses of themselves; yesterday I discussed three such cases who probably still don’t realize how stupid they look to rational people, but today we’ll look at one who destroyed his reputation and his political career through actions which appear to display a complete inability to foresee the totally foreseeable.

Golgotha Falls is the story of a small Catholic church in outstate Massachusetts that comes under satanic attack, the scientists who want to study the phenomena, and the Jesuit who wants to exorcise the demon and reconsecrate it.

In addition to the suprenatural elements of the story, there is a deep psychological struggle between the three main characters as they interpret the events around them.

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Allah tells us in the Quran “Al maalu wal banuuna zeenatul hayatid dunya”.

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